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《勇敢的心》--观后感Set in the late 13th century, 'Braveheart' is the story of one of Scotland's greatest national heroes Sir William Wallace。 leader of the Scottish resistance forces during the first years of the long, ultimately successful struggle to free Scotland from English rule。。。 Crucially charismatic in the title role, Gibson plays the heroic figure and emerges as a remarkable hero with wit and romantic soul, determined to rid his country of its English oppressors。。。 Wallace's revolution was set in motion, with great obstacles from his countrymen。。。 Many Scottish nobles lent him only grudging support as most of them were more concerned with wealth and titles than the freedom of the country。。。 In fact, the Scottish leaders are in favor of revolt-or not-depending on English bribes。。。 Wallace, by parison, is a man of honor, incorruptible and righteous。。。 He was knighted and proclaimed 'guardian and high protector of Scotland,' but as much as he railed against the Scottish no

bles, submitted to Edward I, King of England, he was astonished and in shock to discover the treachery of the leading Scot contender for the throne—Robert, the Earl of Bruce—to whom he confided , 'The people would follow you, if you would only lead them。' Sophie Marceau is exquisite as the distressed princeIsabella of France who ends up falling in love with Wallace, warning him out of several traps……Catherine McCormack is a stunning beauty who ignites Wallace's revolution……Patrick McGoohan is chilling, brutal, and vicious as the ruthleEdward I, known by the nickname 'Longshanks。' This king remains simply the embodiment of evil……While Angus McFadyen moves as a nobleman torn between his conscience and political aspiration, and Brendan Gleeson brings strength and humor to his role as the robust Hamish, David O'Hara is very effective as the crazy Irishman who provides much of the film's ic relief from even the most tensed moments……Mel Gibson has reason to be proud of 'Braveheart。' It is a

motion picture that dares to be excessive。。。 Gibson presents passionately the most spaciously impressive battles (yet staged for films) even excessively, and it is his passion and excethat make the motion picture great。。。 The horror and futility of massed hand-to-hand bats are exciting rather repulsive。。。 It is epic film-ma-ki-ng at its glorious best……Gibson's 'Braveheart' focuses on the human side of Wallace, a character so immense, so intelligent, and so passionate, exploring the definitions of honor and nobility, pushing us to follow the hero into his struggle against injustice and oppression。

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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

20xx - G - 113 Mins.

Director: _____________________

Producer: _____________________

Written By: _____________________


Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews,

Hector Elizondo, Callum Blue, Chris Pine

Review by: _____________________

NO:(班号) _____________________

I. Synopsis or summary of the plot:

II. Main characters:

III. Vocabulary: the words you have learnt chapter by chapter (be honest)


explanation in English

a sentence in English (not copied from the dictionary)

IV: Conclusion: What message is being told? (if it is any) What was the director’s purpose or intention or the theme of the film? Compare with other realities you know (your country, historical fact or event, other film from the same director or genre…) What’s your opinion?

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题目review of ‘oliver twist’


















■■"oliver twist" is a very famous novels, the author dickens, is britain's a very famous writer.

this novel is the main character in a call montefiore eph orphans, his childhood was spent in contentedly. later, he was sent to a coffin bodega as an apprentice. because is unbearable shop-owner oppression, he told the london escape.

on the way, he met a nickname real johnny-on-the-spot, inveigle him into the thieves, in two theft, he met the good, raise left at home, but were caught and tears come back. finally, because the south west better, tell them overheard a secret, said mr. rivers of nathan39; s brother to property, to kill him, hence arrested thieves, but out of sympathy, montefiore eph spared the elder brother.

montefiore eph disaster finally came to an end, he was the first time he stole the old gentleman accept for yizi. montefiore eph just know, he stole twice, stolen unexpectedly is his father's friends and his real aunt.

the whole novel tortuous breathtaking, let a person not only for mr. rivers sigh, for bad antecedents of anger, be good people said touched, for mr. rivers finally happy life and happy.

but my favorite character, is in two montefiore eph into danger, as no notice of him of stealing, but very sympathized with him, and helping his two men. for their goodness, mr. rivers to be saved, but also because of their kind, just make the world less a suffering child, is less a thief in the future, many a good man.

if worldly people want to them the same thing, i think, the world will not have the affliction of the afflicted, won't have so many orphans. as a song in sung by: "only everyone is given their love, the world will become a better human.

" and i also for the south west touched, she is a molecular thieves, but she has not been thieves dyed black heart; she knew repentance, know to pity an orphan. but she is also is the good person touched, visible if one more good people, perhaps can influence a in the moment of thieves and a little bit of human hearts. but, i also for nancy have sorrow, she finally ending very miserably, she was killed, and killed her people, it is she has been reluctant to leave.

nancy have many chances to escape from that dirty world, but she gave up, is loathe to give up that last killed her.

key words■■goodthiefmercydirtyorphans

ⅰ■kind hearts ofoliver twist

oliver twist, one of the most famous works of charles dickens’, is a novel reflecting the tragic fact of the life in britain in 18th century.

the author who himself was born in a poor family wrote this novel in his twenties with a view to reveal the ugly masks of those cruel criminals and to expose the horror and violence hidden underneath the narrow and dirty streets in london.

the hero of this novel was oliver twist, an orphan, who was thrown into a world full of poverty and crime. he suffered enormous pain, such as hunger, thirst, beating and abuse. while reading the tragic experiences of the little oliver, i was shocked by his sufferings.

i felt for the poor boy, but at the same time i detested the evil fagin and the brutal bill. to my relief, as was written in all the best stories, the goodness eventually conquered devil and oliver lived a happy life in the end. one of the plots that attracted me most is that after the theft, little oliver was allowed to recover in the kind care of mrs.

maylie and rose and began a new life. he went for walks with them, or rose read to him, and he worked hard at his lessons. he felt as if he had left behind forever the world of crime and hardship and poverty.

1.1.1■how can such a little boy who had already suffered oppressive affliction remain pure in body and mind?

he reason is the nature of goodness. i think it is the most important information implied in the novel by dickens-he believed that goodness could conquer every difficulty. although i don’t think goodness is omnipotent, yet i do believe that those who are kind-hearted live more happily than those who are evil-minded.

for me, the nature of goodness is one of the most necessary character for a person. goodness is to humans what water is to fish. he who is without goodness is an utterly worthless person.

on the contrary, as the famous saying goes, ‘the fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose’, he who is with goodness undoubtedly is a happy and useful person. people receiving his help are grateful to him and he also gets gratified from what he has done, and thus he can do good to both the people he has helped and himself.

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peas and carrots

像豌豆和萝卜一样,很形象地形容了“形影不离”。 felt like doing



在表达转折递进的语义时非常有效,也是阿甘最常用的句型。 It„s a good thing

当我们要表达生活中的小感动、小感慨时,“It„s a good thing”这样的句型是非常达意的

Let down

使某人失望 Shake down

彻底搜查 Live up to

不辜负···的希望 Stick with sb.

紧跟某人 Tuck in


Stupid is as stupid does. 傻人做傻事。


check out

看 look out

小心 fight for

为…而战 fresh meat

新手,菜鸟 get out of

离开 in sight

看得见 fresh start

新的开始 grow up

成长 hear about

听说 sooner or later



take one's mind off: 使某人不去想。 give away: 出卖,泄露。

by any chance: 或许,万一。用于问句,询问是否真实、可能等。 take the owl: 发火,生气。俚语用法。 come by: 设法得到,取得。 sort of: 可以说,有几分地。

You shouldn‟t have done that! 你真不应该那样做! Knock it off.少来这一套.Wander about 徘徊,闲逛 For a while一时,暂时

Have no busine doing无权做某事 Step in插手帮助,介入


In place of代替,交换

Give thought to考虑,想一想 Roll into(使)滚进 Kick out把···踢出去,驱逐 Plan on打算,想要

Head down to前往,朝向 Play at玩(游戏),打(球等),参加(比赛) Get over忘却

Let go松手,忽略 False alarm一场虚惊 Put off支吾,搪塞过去


get rid of:摆脱,除去

Sit tight: vi.坐稳(挺腰坐着,坚持自己的主张) on the contrary: 正相反 face value: 票面价值

gonna: =going to do set up建立,装配 peace talks: 和谈 throw into: 扔进

prep school: 预备学校(私利)

know which end is up:有识别能力 screwed up: 弄砸了 grow on引起···喜好

Pride & Prejudice (2005) 傲慢与偏见 凯拉奈特莉版

The story is based on Jane Austen's novel about five sistersin Georgian lives are turned upside down when a wealthy young man () and his best friend () arrive in their neighborhood.

Jane Austen's tale of love and economics reaches us once more with the energy of a thorough novelty."Pride and Prejudice" has been a favorite novel of mine since I first read it and I've seen Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson, Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle and now Matthew MacFadyen and Kiera enough I've never been material seems to be full Firth's Darcy, in many ways, is the Darcy I've always 's been an actor I've followed feverishly since his glorious Adrian LeDuc in "Apartment Zero", Matthew MacFadyen was totally new to me but he managed to create that sense of longing that makes that final pay off so Knightly is a ravishing must confe, I didn't remotely imagined that she was capable of the powerful range she brilliantly shows other big surprise is Joe Wright, the director, in his feature film debut which is more than promising, it's photography, the art direction and the spectacular supporting cast, in particular Donald Sutherland and Brenda Blethyn, makes this new version of a perennial claic a memorable evening at the movies

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英语电影观后感 功夫熊猫

Or the dream factory has always been the high standard, the screen exquisite detail, vivid characters vivid, touching story twists and turns, the most important thing is it in the most simple and easy to understand that the way of a token, that is - there is no shortcut to the world and Cheats, the only winning Famen is believe in themselves.

英语电影观后感 这个杀手不太冷

This film was absolutely amazing. I have spent hours re-watching various scenes and noticing all the perfection with which they are acted and directed. It's not the violence or action sequences that make this movie so great (although they are well done...), but rather moments like where Mathilda knocks on Leon's door. It would be so easy to just film the door opening, but instead we see light illuminating Natalie Portman's face, symbolizing something angelic. And the moment has so much more meaning.

I know a lot of people who have seen this film because they are action fans. I'm not. But I'm glad I finally found it, because it's a wonderful film in so many other ways.

英语电影观后感 哈利波特

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of the eponymous adolescent wizard Harry Potter, together with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, his best friends. The central story arc concerns Harry's struggle against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry's parents in his quest to conquer the wizarding world, after which he seeks to subjugate the Muggle (non-magical) world to his rule.

英语电影观后感 海底总动员

Somewhere, under the sea, weak-finned clown fish Nemo (Alexander Gould) lives with his fretful father, Marlin (Albert Brooks). Smothered by pop's paranoia, he ventures away from the reef, but his dad's dread is justified when a passing diver whisks him away.

Taken to a tank in a Sydney dentists, Nemo meets Gill (Willem Dafoe) and co - friendly fish who dream of escaping to the ocean. Meanwhile, Marlin bumps into a blue tang named Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), and sets out to save his son...

The splendour of natural history hit The Blue Planet is matched by the wit of the script and stars. Barry Humphries has a terrific cameo as a great white shark who's sworn off killing (Remember, fish are friends, not food!), while DeGeneres provides perfect timing and tone as Dory, whose short-term memory loss is a gag that never stops running

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篇一:幸福来敲门观后感 The show of《The Pursuit of Happiness》

I have seen《The Pursuit of Happiness》 several days ago , but I can't forget Chris and his spirits until now . To be honest , this move is really a big shock to me , and the strong power in Chris has been influencing me all the time .

Characters and the climate

There are mainly three characters : Chris Gardner 、Christopher、Linda ,and the leading character is Chris Gardner ,the father. The whole atmosphere is positive ,though there is a large part describing the bitter struggles of Chris ,his spirit is inspiring , and there is no disappear but hope and stable belief in happiness.

Development of events

The story of Chris Gardner is divided into six part ,I will introduce them one by one .

Part one : Riding the bus

It was in San Francisco 1981, Chris spent all his money on buying medical equipments , but later he found that they were unpopular among doctors ,because they were expensive and almost useless . everyday he did his best to promote the equipment to doctors ,but he can't earn enough for the rent and kindergarten , his life was not easy .

Part two: Being stupid

In this part ,Chris had to apply for a work as a stock woker ,so he left the medical equipment with a girl ,but the girl took it away ! what a accident !

Part three : Running

He rann after the girl who had stolen the equipment ,finally ,he took it back ,another situation is that he had no money for the taxi ,so he escaped ;Third ,he was sent to the prison for owing the taxes ,and the next morning ,he ran to the stock company for a interview with paint stains on his body .

Part four : Internship

Chris got the job as a internship for six months without salary ,,it was really a hard time for him ,he had to sell the equipment while working as a internship. Afterall , he earned some money from the medical equipments

Part five : Paying taxes

In this part ,there was a big hit to him ,the government took $600 from his account and he only had $21.33 left ,he was broke again .this part was the most impressive but inspiring one .During that time ,he and his son spent a night in the WC ,and lived in the church hospice for many days ,although there were many barriers ,he carried on seeking for the happiness.

Part six : Happiness

It was an exciting part ,Chris was succeed ,and he did it finally ,he became a successful stock worker!

My views on the story

After the move ,I thought of many things :we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equally , that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights ,that among these are life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness . I think Chris must have read the above paragraph for many times and believed it unswervingly.

At the beginning of the move, after Chris has sent Christopher to the kindergarten , he saw a wrong word on the wall ,and said the famous sentence : There is no 'Y' in happiness ,the only thing we can do is striving for our own happiness voluntarily .Just like Chris do.

The silly scene of taking a bus was a part of Chris Gardner's life , in the move , Chris Gardner ,a poor father ,who had his wife left him ,because she could't handle her life without financial security .while Chris was selling medical equipment to doctors , she decided get away from her poor family . Although under great pressure , Chris chose to stick it out, and fight for what he known he can do ,for him ,and for his son. He is strong in spirit ,whatever barriers he meet ,he just continued his work and never stopped running .but it looks like that god likes to play tricks with him , he had gone through more hardships than others before the final success .

I think it is really a good move ,we are unique and we are ourselves ,just hold a dream and do what you can do ,and do your best ,don't ever let somebody tell you that you can't do something .If you want something ,go and get it . It is said that the move is from a true story ,so we should believe the sentence that “Everything is possible” .

Like Chris's forefathers ,who posses the desire and the passion to live it ,who dream the American dream . In the end he finally made his dream come true ,he became a banker. “Hey ,dad ,listen to this ,knock, knock ”I know who was there .he was happiness .

The Pursuit of Happiness is really an excellent move , after watching it ,I can't calm my heart down for a long time,there are tears on my face ,but smile in my heart ,I think Chris is a good example for all of us ,just be optimistic and go to realize your dream.

篇二:幸福来敲门观后感 The show of《The Pursuit of Happiness》

I don’t know for sure whether it is the cold or the movie that kept me tossing and turning in bed, but one thing is certain: many scattered fragments of the movie again and again flashed in my mind. My cell phone read 4:16 am at that time, but I was not sleepy at all. So I decided to get up and write something.

”The Pursuit of Happyness“ -- the title comes from a misspelled schoolhouse mural -- has a lot on its mind but mostly this: If America is about the promise of bettering oneself, why does it have to be so freaking hard? In the movie, Jefferson's Declaration of Independence words about happiness kept recurring to Chris Gardner. Every day, Christ had to work hard from morning till night, but still could hardly make a living. Chris saw a bunch of suits, mostly male, pouring out of the Dean Witter Reynolds brokerage firm in downtown San Francisco. They all looked “happy,” “Why not me? “ Christ wondered. He did have an adorable boy, Christopher, but wife Linda was becoming a scarecrow of overworked anxiety. Finally, his wife left Christ because of life pressure, leaving him and her five-year-old son, Christopher. And naturally, Christ became a single father.

With the failure of his business, Christ had no money to pay for the rent, so they were driven away from the flat. They became homeless. They slept in asylum, subway station public bathroom or anywhere as a temporary shelter. The destitution of life was absolutely depressing, but for his son’s future, for his own belief, Christ never gave up and he still strongly believed that happiness would come one day if he worked hard enough today.

With his great efforts, Christ won a six-month internship at Dean Witter, but there was no pay at all. So on one hand, Christ had to work hard to make a living; on the other hand, he had to fight for his intern work, since only one of the twenty interns would succeed finally. Besides, he had to take good care of his son after day care. However, Christ made it with his amazing willpower.

Christ was unfortunate, for he got a wife who was not understandable at all (though she has her own difficulties) and was in bad luck with his business. But he was very fortunate also, for he got a son who was very thoughtful and, I think, tough life experiences always make a great person.

It is said that this movie is inspired by a true story, and I want to say, this movie does inspire me a lot. What impressed me most are: Christ’s wife left him because of life pressure; Christ’s love to his son and Christ’s strong belief towards life. Through these, I know that it is not easy to be a good husband and a good Papa, since in reality, only love cannot only make everything. And I also learn that one has to strongly believe in himself, no matter how difficult the situation is, but of course, hard-working is indispensable.

I like to watch The Pursuitof Happyness. From Gardner, who realized that what I do is the real men and how to do good is the real father. Christopher was from, I feel the child's innocence and ignorance, how is the good son. You gotta dream, you gotta protect it. If you have a dream, you theprotection on it. This is a great father to his son's care and education Christopher In many cases, we would like to see a movie may be silly to pass the time, saying that some of the good, or it may be trained to listen to hearing English spoken. This inspirational film, I look at it with the problem. What I can learn. From despair to find hope Out of society, have no choice but to work hard, as long as solely, nothing is insurmountable unless heaven or hell. Christopher's cute in his ignorance and innocence which Christopher has always been the man could in his father through thick and thin, no complaints. I'm impressed the most is his father said to him ”I trust you“, I think this is that they are able to Gardner in countless ting in front of the biggest setbacks from the power and reason.

英语电影观后感 篇7

















我们醒着, 在做关于未来的梦;我们睡着,在做关于以前的梦;半醒半睡之间,梦与现实的距离也就不那么明显了。





















英语电影观后感 篇8



the day after tomorrow tells the story of the sudden fall in the temperature of the earth as represented by the united states and once again entered the ice age. the hero's climatologist jack predicts that the greenhouse effect is causing a catastrophic event on the earth. if humans keep consuming natural resources, arctic glaciers will melt and return the earth to the ice age.

however, his reminder did not attract the attention of the u.s. authorities.

as a result, a lot of natural disasters were appeared around the world, such as hail, floods and tornadoes,which caused many americans to die.

the significance of disaster film is to remind us that if humans abuse natural resources again and destroy the ecological balance, the consequences are not what we humans can expect. all the signs show how **all we humans are in the biosphere of nature. we call on people to protect nature and cherish everything we have.

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as jane eyre, in her plainness and solitude, walks to and fro in the thornfield hall, her unas jane eyre, in her plainness and solitude, walks to and fro in the thornfield hall, her unfortunate childhood, conflicting love, and religious forbiddance all cannot stop her seeking a better life and cherishing the human nature. she broke loose the chains that jailed her spirit, and through her struggles she overcame the poverty, customs, social standards, and piety which all blocked her from her dream of happiness, and finally became the master of herself! it could be said that jane's life was earned through retaliation and pursuit, that she fought tooth and nail until the sunlight was won. the sunlight now in her palm, shines brightly unto her!

in fact, one has endless thoughts for the most effulgent sunbeam that shines after the storm. i always think in a difficult situation, if and when the hardships of this life is done, if and when the road of time no longer curves, if and when i try my best to walk to the end, will i be able to see the blinding sunlight? for the most important meaning in life is that, struggling through your trials you realize the value of your life, while taking away all the bitter misfortunes. only then will we see the true radiance of the golden sun...

trekking through storms

running towards the future

luminence of the sun

shines brightliest in the dark

let the difficult journey

feel like a luxury

the sun in my hand

fuels my arduous heart

my will to fight is strong

facing even the most unattainable heights

the sun in my hand

even if only after storms

mustering all of its heat

projects towards me

the warmest radiance


Oliver Twist, one of the most famous works of Charles Dickens’, is a novel reflecting the tragic fact of the life in Britain in 18th century.

The author who himself was born in a poor family wrote this novel in his twenties with a view to reveal the ugly masks of those cruel criminals and to expose the horror and violence hidden underneath the narrow and dirty streets in London.

The hero of this novel was Oliver Twist, an orphan, who was thrown into a world full of poverty and crime. He suffered enormous pain, such as hunger, thirst, beating and abuse. While reading the tragic experiences of the little Oliver, I was shocked by his sufferings. I felt for the poor boy, but at the same time I detested the evil Fagin and the brutal Bill. To my relief, as was written in all the best stories, the goodness eventually conquered devil and Oliver lived a happy life in the end. One of the plots that attracted me most is that after the theft, little Oliver was allowed to recover in the kind care of Mrs. Maylie and Rose and began a new life. He went for walks with them, or Rose read to him, and he worked hard at his lessons. He felt as if he had left behind forever the world of crime and hardship and poverty.

How can such a little boy who had already suffered oppressive affliction remain pure in body and mind? The reason is the nature of goodness. I think it is the most important information implied in the novel by Dickens-he believed that goodness could conquer every difficulty. Although I don’t think goodness is omnipotent, yet I do believe that those who are kind-hearted live more happily than those who are evil-minded.

For me, the nature of goodness is one of the most necessary character for a person. Goodness is to humans what water is to fish. He who is without goodness is an utterly worthless person. On the contrary, as the famous saying goes, ‘The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose’, he who is with goodness undoubtedly is a happy and useful person. People receiving his help are grateful to him and he also gets gratified from what he has done, and thus he can do good to both the people he has helped and himself.

To my disappointment, nowadays some people seem to doubt the existence of the goodness in humanity. They look down on people’s honesty and kindness, thinking it foolish of people to be warm-hearted. As a result, they show no sympathy to those who are in trouble and seldom offer to help others. On the other hand, they attach importance to money and benefit. In their opinion, money is the only real object while emotions and morality are nihility. If they cannot get profit from showing their ‘kindness’, they draw back when others are faced with trouble and even hit a man when he is down. They are one of the sorts that I really detest.

Francis Bacon said in his essay, ‘Goodness, of all virtues and dignities of the mind, is the greatest, being the character of the Deity, and without it, man is a busy, mischievous, wretched thing, no better than a kind of vermin.’

That is to say a person without goodness is destined to lose everything. Therefore, I, a kind person, want to tell those ‘vermin-to-be’ to learn from the kind Oliver and regain the nature of goodness.


This is a story about a special woman who has been exposed to a hostile environment but struggling for her ideal life conreattionously and fearlessly.

It seems to me that many readers ‘s English reading experience starts with Jane Eyer.It is not surprising to find some differences because it was filmed and retold in a new way,but the spirit of the novel remains to be an independent person, both physically and mentally.

Jane Eyer was a born orphan,whose parents went off when she was very young,and her aunt,the only relative she had,treated her as badly as she could.At the beginning of Jane’s education in Lowwood Orphanage,she didn’t get what she had been expecting.As a reward of revolting the ruthless oppression,Jane got a chance to be a tutor in Thornfield Garden.There she made the acquaintance of lovely Adele and that garden’s owner,Rochester,a man with warm heart while a cold face outside.After Jane and Rochester fell in love with each other and meant to get marry,Jane came to know Rochester had already got a legal life .And,unfortunately,Rochester seemed under the shadow of his wife.Jane wanted to give him a hand,however,she made her mind to leave,because she didn’t want to betray her own priciples.She is Jane Eyer.

The film has finally got a symbolist end.After finding Rochester’s misfortune brought by his original mad wife,Jane chose to stay with him forever.

Life is ceaselessly changing,but our living priciples remain.Firmly persisting for the rights of being independent gives us enough confidence and courage.In the world of the film,we have found te stories of ourselves, which makes us so concerned about the fate of the dramatis personae.

It’s our spirit that makes the life meaningful.

英语电影观后感 篇10


This is a can't-miss family movie。 After all, EVERYONE seems to like inspiring family films--especially when it's based on real people。 And, not surprisingly, I had a thoroughly good time watching it--though I do remend you see it with a box of Kleenex nearby。

The film is about a young man named Michael Oher--an extremely large black teenager who has bounced from home to home in the foster care system。 Currently, he's in a new school and no one realizes that he has no place to live。 Yet in spite of having a crack-addicted mother, a father who was killed in prison and every other reason to be an angry powder keg, he's a very gentle and sad soul---who is also enormous and has amazing potential to play football。

A nosy but very nice lady (Sandra Bullock) convinces her husband (Tim McGraw) to bring Michael home。。。at least for the night。 But this one night turns into a permanent living situation and he bees an important part of the family。 However, despite this new living arrangement working out well, Michael is so far behind in school and his GPA so low that he hasn't a prayer to play football in college。 That's because although many schools are now offering him athletic scholarships, his GPA is too low to allow him to accept these offers。 So, with his new family's help, perhaps he can pull up those grades and have a future。

This film is super-inspirational and sweet--mostly because it's true。 I am sure that some poetic license was taken when making the film (I especially wonder if the little brother could be THIS precocious and adorable), but overall they did a good job of sticking reasonably close the facts。 While I loved Sandra Bullock's performance (she's great as usual), I was a bit surprised that she received Oscar for it--I did see a few performances in other films that year that I thought were a bit better (such as the leading young lady in "Precious")。 Also, Tim McGraw, while a lesser role in the film, did a surprisingly good job--especially as he's really known as a country singer, not an actor。 All around, a very good film and one that is meant to inspire。

英语电影观后感 篇11


slumdog millionaire

the story of jamal malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of mumbai, who is about to experience the biggest day of his life. with the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on india's "who wants to be a millionaire?" but when the show breaks for the night, police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street kid know so much?

desperate to prove his innocence, jamal tells the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew up, of their adventures together on the road.each chapter of his story reveals the key to the answer to one of the game show's questions.

18岁的孟买人贾马尔马利克(jamal malik)即将经历一生中最重要的一天,贫民窟孤儿的故事。随着全国看,他只是一个问题远离赢得了惊人的2000万卢比对印度的“谁想成为百万富翁?”但是,当在晚上的节目时段,警方拘捕涉嫌欺骗他,怎么可能一街孩子知道这么多?


what makes this story great? i must say that this is one of the most realistic movies i saw. watching it is just like hearing an orphan telling about his hardships and struggles on the streets.

the violence, the emotions, the realms of a third world country, and the beauty of love regardless of any situation was nicely presented on the movie. it also showed the kind of life the slams of india has - the children, the women, and the heartless adults. the nicest thing that i like about the movie is the light after dark part.

that something good is possible when you just don’t lose hope.

the innocent look and the sad eyes of dev patel are perfect for jamal’s character. frieda pinto is really pretty, just the perfect flower on the movie. the rest of the characters are well-suited.

this movie’s characters must be the well selected indian actors.


暴力,情感,第三世界国家的状态,爱情的美丽,无论情况如何,都是一部好电影。它也表明了这种生活了印度大满贯 - 儿童,妇女,无情的成年人。的最好的东西,我喜欢的电影是在黑暗的一部分光。



the story expands into the lead actor’s life experience and how he come to know about the correct answers in the show. overall, i came out of the movie feeling it was nicely done. the movie brings the audience into the actual daily realities of life in india and it depicts how one can chase love and in the course of it something good could happen and life without hope will change.


this is a story about one path leading to the final success is people's endurance and resolution,of course, some certain good luck also count.


let's give some further explanation about this path. first of all, as an indispensible element resulting in success, endurance plays an important role in the course of people's life.directly speaking, it's hard for people to get to his destination without it.

as for the resolution,just like the hero performing in this movie, determines his final fate. he has dream in his deepest heart, and he has the resolution to make it come true, eventually, by means of it, his dream has been realized.

above these elements mentioned above, good luck is also important.sometimes, it can help push things forward.




in all,we can not be of successful without our hard work.



i am honored today watched the united states, 3d cartoon animated film "fly house ring journey", which is to use special glasses to watch the results immersive its territory, stone fly over, just to drop it on himself, i am not but big calls out.

the story is the old man carl and his wife eliza has always been thought of children in south america, waterfall wonderland adventure, resulting from the failure to move forward in life, eliza's death, and carl has been depressed forever because he thought at this age it is impossible to go sing. later, builders want to demolish his own house, old people are very angry, sad, and he whim, with tens of thousands of balloons tied to the house, the cottage is really uprooted overfly, and mistakenly entered his house with a stupid russell flew with the boy in south america. journey, they funny bird, simple and honest and courageous dog overcome difficulties together with round after round, after untold hardships, taking advantage of their wisdom to defeat the ferocious vicious symonds, the little boy russell has also been a result "help the elderly" badge.